Carbon Star

Silly Timeless Question Like Can You Hear Me
Are There Ears or Words in Energy Fields of, Fields of
Frequencies Can Shake the Earth , your voice, my cry
Might brush your hair aside and sing

No Worries No Worries and That’s Something
I Can Close my Eyes to, I Can Close my Eyes to,

You When You Reassure it was never about
Never About what could have been
Because this now oh oh You’ve Been
Shining A Long Time
But This is Now and that’s something

I Can Close My Eyes

Silly Timeless Question Leaving Simple Answers and Clocks behind
Spin us all around Spin us all around
Could this Universe be Love could it be us…
A Helium Flash at the Break of Your Dawn
You Start it Up, You Start it All Again
Now That’s Something

I Can Close My Eyes

A Universe of Love Could it be A Universe of Love

Because that’s something I can Close my Eyes to



Meganne Stepka will release her newest EP, Inner Dialogue, on 11/11. The EP is an intimate introduction to this fierce muse of the night and a glance at her library of work. Stepka selected the name by reflecting her personal inner dialogue and hoping to inspire her audience to do the same. “Any chance you get to get someone else thinking or feeling more makes the world a better place, it just does; it’s simple physics,” says Stepka.
The EP features “Mary Ann,” an upbeat pop song inspired by her grandma. The single was recorded/produced by Matt Troja (Nashville/Cleveland/LA) and mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer Brad Blackwood. It is followed by “Harmony’s Conflict,” a stream of consciousness piece recorded to tape in whispers in the middle of the night. The other two tracks, “Blue Fairy Tale” and “Change What You Can,” lie somewhere in between, showcasing Stepka’s diversity. “Folk, pop, experimental, indie, rock, alternative or electronica…it just depends on the day, what instruments are used, it all depends on the song. I like structure sometimes, but I never think about genre when I create, I think about concepts and feeling, textures and moods, words that I am moved to say, sing and repeat. I think about the song existing in time and really, I don’t think about any of that. I just make art with vibrations.”
In addition to a variety of sounds and songs, Meganne also creates and produces alluring artistic videos, short films and has very recently had one of her experimental tracks featured in an award winning short film, produced in Cleveland. Stepka puts on a good live show solo or with a band, but isn’t playing out much until early 2016 with the release of her multimedia live project ALITD (see her website for this one). If you are in Cleveland, you can catch Meganne performing a few of her songs live Monday Nights at 9pm opening up the evening at her weekly open mic, where it seems, she is also facilitating a bit of a revived musical community in Lakewood,OH at Kelley’s Pub.
With all of her endeavors, it is her work at night that brings this woman back to what she feels is a musical mission alongside the universe: “to be herself” – creating, recording, philosophizing in lyric and sound, productions, and concept albums. Inner Dialogue is certainly a concept album and a good way to introduce yourself to the music and artworks of Meganne Stepka.

Mary Ann – Digital Single Release 11/11/15

Mary Ann RE Flatten AGAIN2xcf

The song is personal and reflective, it is about my Grandma Mary Ann and her example that “Happiness is a State of Mind”. The Post-Pop Production of Mary Ann was written by Meganne Stepka on acoustic guitar; a pop inspired version of the song was recorded for the purpose of making the content sonically self-aware and epic;) in Cleveland, OH with Producer Matt Troja (Cleveland, Nashville, LA), mastered by Grammy Winning engineer Brad Blackwood in Nashville, TN.

One Song is all I will ever Need from Her: Maybe Not


I am a songwriter. I have written 100s of songs and in my soul I blindly hope you and everyone, will hear and feel a deep and earth shaking connection to all of them. Every single one of them. (Unrealistic -I know. All of them and Everyone!?) 😉   I thought about this tonight, while I was listening to one of the few Earth Shaking, soul stirring songs for me: “Maybe Not” by Cat Power. This song cut through to me from across the room; a dimly lit apartment, with Pandora streaming in the background, I rushed from the kitchen to the computer to listen closer- this was the scene the very first time I heard it 4 years ago. Since then I keep it with me. I have her entire album “You are Free” on my iPad, and I have listened to the album twice, in 4 years; but this song “Maybe Not” I could listen to on repeat -forever- it is the song I always come back to, the song I just Need to Hear sometimes


Some of my darkest and most trying times were soothed by putting on my headphones (my big stereo sony headphones) and listening to this song on repeat: swimming in the sound of this woman’s voice, her raw harmonies, audible emotions, echoing cold piano, and lyrics that I feel would make everyone tingle, stand up and want to change the world..or at least hug the closest person near them. That’s what songs should do. Maybe; Maybe Not 😉  

I realized this one song had an epic impact on me- and just this one song by that artist- was enough for me. I listen to plenty of other albums in their entirety, that is my preferred way to listen to most music. Some songs, however, can satisfy that alignment that happens when diving into an audio escape.  As a Musical Artist, I want my philosophical album concepts and avant-garde video albums to resonate deeply with Everyone; but everyone has different musical needs; we seek music when we need it.  Some don’t need it at all.  When a song cuts through to you, it is special;that connection.  Whether it’s one song or an album, feeling something via audio waves from a musical artist has been a beautiful exchange of energy for a long time now. In all my connections with sonic signatures, “Maybe Not” does something to my soul that reminds me of forever; and that’s why I could listen to it forever, if there was just one song by this artist-that’s all I’d ever need from her. 

Blue Fairy Tale (lyrics)

Blue Fairy Tale by Meganne Stepka

Streams Become.
Once upon a fairy tale I knew it was You
I wrote a song, I wrote a book
I went to school and thought I understood the way it had to be.

Once upon a fairy tale I looked into the sky
I dreamed about what life would be and I started to, well, cry
I knew, I knew there’d be sometimes blue
I knew, I knew sometimes I’d be blue
But I’d find You.
I knew I would be True someday.

Once upon a fairy tale I wrote a song for you
A dream inside a fantasy, inside my mind, inside of you
You cut through the noise
They’ve been screaming inside
I’ve been screaming through time
Again for someone who would find the time to stop and live with me.

Now we can whisper in the silence of each other’s minds
Knowing it’s true what they say
I don’t know what they say but we’ve seen it a million times
Everywhere everywhere, paintings of life
Everywhere every thing you’ve ever seen, alive.

Learning how to love, time.

(written/recorded in 2012, -in the middle of the night-as it is originally recorded here)

Beauty & Make-up; Women & Confidence.

I spent my 20’s terrified to leave the house without make-up. I was educated in Psychology, I had an informed understanding about body image issues. I wrote research papers on confidence and happiness, and cognitive dissonance, to try to better understand myself. I learned in sociology that statistically one of the most universal qualities we tend to find attractive is a “clear complexion” , this was a devastating blow to my confidence – because this was my issue, and I couldn’t deny the statistics… There will be an onslaught of thoughts and fears constantly bombarding you in life, from the moment self-awareness begins. No Matter how far you remove yourself from others, you may still hear the voices of judgement that are both real and that you project on others, from knowing – yeah maybe it is, probably what they are thinking, maybe it is the worst of what they would say – if everyone was an asshole and to a degree they are: because they are just as nervous and self-conscious as you are, and sometimes the worst feelings about ourselves -force us to project a negativity towards others; if we are not dealing with our own emotions and thoughts in a healthy way. Don’t Project your Fear on other Beautiful people just trying to block out the noise and live beautifully. I wrote songs to heal & guide my thoughts and emotions about myself, I was smart enough to do that – but I still spent everyday rushing to put makeup on before anybody saw me, even on a sweaty summer day, even my family , my boyfriend, myself. I have been free from this cage of thinking for a few years now. I applaud this video for reminding me how important it is to share a story like this for someone else who may be caging their beautiful spirit due to the ugliness of their thoughts.

#MakeUp #NoMakeUp #Beauty #Confidence #BodyImage #NegativeThinking #PositiveThinking #SelfWorth #Distraction #Beautiful

Podcast :) My First Interview on NeoRocks !

I had a great time in the studio with Eric & Jason at NeoRocks 88.7FM Last Monday. We discussed my upcoming Multimedia show ALITD & my travels to Poland & how both relate to my original song “Change What You Can” – which has its first radio airing during this interview:) I also play original song “Reflection” Live in Studio. Hear this and more, here:

A Light in the Distance

A Light in the Distance. See the Album ALITD begin, as it is  recorded in real time in this first video Unlearn . In the dark of an attic, and the dark of the mind, the candle light and the desire to find, a truer version of myself, by seeking it in songs, & forgetting what “I think I know ” written in the moment – they were recorded. #ALITD #postFolk #AvantGardeFolk #VideoAlbum #OneTakeAlbum #WatchTheVideo

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