One Song is all I will ever Need from Her: Maybe Not


I am a songwriter. I have written 100s of songs and in my soul I blindly hope you and everyone, will hear and feel a deep and earth shaking connection to all of them. Every single one of them. (Unrealistic -I know. All of them and Everyone!?) 😉   I thought about this tonight, while I was listening to one of the few Earth Shaking, soul stirring songs for me: “Maybe Not” by Cat Power. This song cut through to me from across the room; a dimly lit apartment, with Pandora streaming in the background, I rushed from the kitchen to the computer to listen closer- this was the scene the very first time I heard it 4 years ago. Since then I keep it with me. I have her entire album “You are Free” on my iPad, and I have listened to the album twice, in 4 years; but this song “Maybe Not” I could listen to on repeat -forever- it is the song I always come back to, the song I just Need to Hear sometimes


Some of my darkest and most trying times were soothed by putting on my headphones (my big stereo sony headphones) and listening to this song on repeat: swimming in the sound of this woman’s voice, her raw harmonies, audible emotions, echoing cold piano, and lyrics that I feel would make everyone tingle, stand up and want to change the world..or at least hug the closest person near them. That’s what songs should do. Maybe; Maybe Not 😉  

I realized this one song had an epic impact on me- and just this one song by that artist- was enough for me. I listen to plenty of other albums in their entirety, that is my preferred way to listen to most music. Some songs, however, can satisfy that alignment that happens when diving into an audio escape.  As a Musical Artist, I want my philosophical album concepts and avant-garde video albums to resonate deeply with Everyone; but everyone has different musical needs; we seek music when we need it.  Some don’t need it at all.  When a song cuts through to you, it is special;that connection.  Whether it’s one song or an album, feeling something via audio waves from a musical artist has been a beautiful exchange of energy for a long time now. In all my connections with sonic signatures, “Maybe Not” does something to my soul that reminds me of forever; and that’s why I could listen to it forever, if there was just one song by this artist-that’s all I’d ever need from her. 

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