Performing in the Northwest this June –

I am heading out to Seattle & Portland in June. There will be concerts & performances in both cities. Dates To Be Announced. Thanks for sharing my page or my links with your followers if you like music that is this….self aware – breathing light  😉   #Seattle #Portland #music #venue #concert #artist #indie #Avant-Garde #guitar #singer #visionary #concept photo 1

What do I think…about personal strength

Strength is a Slow Breath Balancing the Chaos we become. In the Equilibrium we seek Strength is Restraint, letting go; letting flow requires much more than force. Strength is the recycling of any Energy coming at me and Creating through mindful filtration a steady reciprocal force of Good Energy and a Chosen Intentional output.  Strength is Being Honest with one’s Self. Careful Reflection without judgment. Strength is keeping it real.

The Mission (of my Soul) Statement

At 5am on the night of the Solstice 2014 after years of struggling with how to say one simple statement, a realization. While crafting a list of things I want to do…I thought – but really what is it? the art, the music-The Intention…the mission statement?!?!   My Mission is to inspire people to feel a sustained connection to each other, all life, the earth and all time. To inspire you trust in your own music, your heartbeat, your voice. We are musical & 7 billion of us have the potential to do a lot of good. We need beautiful drastic improvements out there. We get motivated; then forget – People, all life, the earth, and all time is music. My intention is to inspire you to remember this magnificent motivating feeling: sustained.   #mission #music #connection #frequency #WeAreMadeOfStars #WeAreTheEarth #WeAreEachOther #BeTheChange #UpAllNight