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Meganne Stepka is an independent Musical Artist and a multi-disciplined creative. Inspired by the social & human sciences, mythology, and film her work is interwoven with universally conscious concepts. She writes, records and produces her own music. She has released 2 LPs: Little Waves by Glass Audrey, and ALITD a solo video/audio album.

Mission – Making Sounds & Statements that activate deeper levels of thinking & human connection.

Global Performances & RecognitionSundance 2014, SXSW 2012 and Krakow 2012. Her self Production tech skills with her former bandmate in Glass Audrey were celebrated & featured early in her music career by Cakewalk/Sonar at NAMM in LA 2008.

Glass Audrey- Former Band – a Recording Project– (Glass Audrey). Meganne Stepka & Mike Roberts co-founded Glass Audrey in 2008. Both being conceptual & creative artists they built a studio to record & produce their own albums.  As the technology to self-produce became more readily available, they began the adventure that is the album Little Waves 2011.  The earliest recordings go back to using 4-tracks, then old computers with slow processors (while plugging directly in to the sound card via only an  1/8  inch cable); then the world opened up with Cakewalk/Sonar, Logic, Final Cut, and now there is Garage Band (when on the road)!   Glass Audrey’s Little Waves continues to echo as an album to be revisited, as it is a truly artistic artifact, crafted fully by two individuals with very different strengths , sharing a vision.   Glass Audrey plans to release an EP from “the 1/8 inch days”. Someday Soon*

Krakow, Poland – The winter of 2012 Meganne lived in Krakow, Poland and Performed at a number of Venues, during her stay there she recorded and released a very special single Change What You Can using the app “Garage band” on her original iPad 1. She is inventive, resourceful, and resilient. Moving along side the technology of sound- art, her next production is right on course.

Currently in Production – a multi-media live experience. A concert that integrates performance, visual narrative, and interaction with projected imagery. – ALITD is “The Hero’s Journey – based on the outline of Joseph Campbell’s work in his synthesis of mythology and spirituality.

BA in Sociology – The awareness of the multi-faceted implications of the sociology of media, economy, gender, and inequality, are just a few of the concepts that have permeated me as an artist and deeply contribute to my creative thoughts, stylized concepts, lyrics, direction and emotion in my art works.

Teaching Is An Art form  – Meganne is well versed in guiding others towards their happiness –  Music is directly correlated with countless positive effects on the body & brain. Whether giving private lessons, sessions, or hosting musical open mic nights, she is known to bring her style & sensibility by keeping it real and encouraging and empowering musicians and creatives at & on all stages. 

Next Up  – In production a 2 sided album “The Psychology of Magnets” 2 very different sides (2016).


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