A Light in the Distance (ALITD)

a multimedia show combining concert, performance and projected film/visuals. This show is an expansion of my original album “A Light in the Distance.” ALITD is a concept album that explored & embodies the outline of mythological thinker – Joseph Campbell’s, “Hero’s Journey.”  A journey from Unlearning the old ways of the self, to acknowledging the call to something greater; to find your truest self.

The live multimedia production of ALITD is artfully innovative, captivating, and  inspiring. The setting of the show is similar to a play, but with narrative and imagery film projected as immersive backgrounds in sync with a live performance of the album. Think “the wall” but produced and performed by a woman who wants to inspire in you a spark to take your own journey into the dark corners of your soul to come back more able to clearly see the power of your self; to know & to hold a light in the distance.

alitdheader– pre-order the album now ALITD

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