Harmony’s Conflict

I am seeking Harmony here in atmospherical  continuity
The stereo rings out in your eyes and you hear it open up

Both sides
Seeking harmony
In atmospheric continuity
It’s like pulling a string
A piece of light

Jumping around for so much
In the streams
Seeking what’s moving through us

Harmony’s conflict
On the smallest level it’s always moving away
And something will stay
Someone always stays
Harmony’s conflict

Somewhere in between the light and the dark
Where the spaces we see glow and they spark
We don’t know what makes us go
Where we are floating through motions
We’re going through motions-instincts
Constantly potent.
oh we spark
and we believe
Like the tear in your pants at the knee
Could be something I’ve always seen
Harmony’s in conflict of her being
That’s being
Harmony is in conflict of our being,
Like a stream
Still moving away
.what is this that stays