Beauty & Make-up; Women & Confidence.

I spent my 20’s terrified to leave the house without make-up. I was educated in Psychology, I had an informed understanding about body image issues. I wrote research papers on confidence and happiness, and cognitive dissonance, to try to better understand myself. I learned in sociology that statistically one of the most universal qualities we tend to find attractive is a “clear complexion” , this was a devastating blow to my confidence – because this was my issue, and I couldn’t deny the statistics… There will be an onslaught of thoughts and fears constantly bombarding you in life, from the moment self-awareness begins. No Matter how far you remove yourself from others, you may still hear the voices of judgement that are both real and that you project on others, from knowing – yeah maybe it is, probably what they are thinking, maybe it is the worst of what they would say – if everyone was an asshole and to a degree they are: because they are just as nervous and self-conscious as you are, and sometimes the worst feelings about ourselves -force us to project a negativity towards others; if we are not dealing with our own emotions and thoughts in a healthy way. Don’t Project your Fear on other Beautiful people just trying to block out the noise and live beautifully. I wrote songs to heal & guide my thoughts and emotions about myself, I was smart enough to do that – but I still spent everyday rushing to put makeup on before anybody saw me, even on a sweaty summer day, even my family , my boyfriend, myself. I have been free from this cage of thinking for a few years now. I applaud this video for reminding me how important it is to share a story like this for someone else who may be caging their beautiful spirit due to the ugliness of their thoughts.

#MakeUp #NoMakeUp #Beauty #Confidence #BodyImage #NegativeThinking #PositiveThinking #SelfWorth #Distraction #Beautiful

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