Upcoming Shows 2015: Summer & Autumn

Aug 8 Kelley’s Pub Lakewood,OH w/ Jon & Casandra as my band! 8pm

Aug 28 Bar 107 Berea,OH w/ David Kay & Friends! A variety of Music all night 9pm

Sept 12 Cultured Coffee Canton,OH Solo & Experimental Folk-tech 7pm

Oct 7 Brent Kirby’s 10×3 Brothers Lounge Lakewood. Acoustic/Piano 8-11pm


Earlier this year in 2015….

July 31 Kelley’s Pub Lakewood,OH 5-8pm
July 25  Cultured Coffee Co. Canton,OH 7pm Featured Music at a Poetic Performance Event.
July 20  After the Radio Show Party! Host of Jam Night- Kelley’s Pub – Cleveland, OH 11pm-2am
July 20  Live on WJCU 88.7fm Cleveland,OH. 8pm    Listen from anywhere in the world. LISTEN NOW 88.7fm
July 4 Frostville Historical Museum & Farmer’s Market – N. Olmsted. 11 am
June 19  Just Bob -Portland, OR
June 18  Sound Grounds – Portland, OR  
June 14  Connor Byrne – Seattle, Wa
April 25   All You Need is Love & Food (The Bevy- Lakewood,OH) 7pm
April 20   Cultured Coffee Co. Canton,OH 7pm

2014 Performances:

Jan 18 Park City, UT – Sundance 2014 “HWMSV”
Jan 22 Park City, UT – Sundance 2014 “Concerts at Sundance”
Feb 28 San Francisco,CA – The Battery (“secret show”)
Mar 16 Cleveland,OH – All You Need is Love &Food 3.5 TLCO Fundraiser Community Outreach
May 16 The Root Cafe – Lakewood, OH “The Roots of Everything”
June 3 The Beachland Tavern – Cleveland, OH. 8pm
June 8 The Euclid City Limits
June 21 Annual”Private Party” “Castlewood”
June 29 “Harmonic Journeys” Holistic Event- Featured Performance- Cleveland, OH
Aug 2 Ohio State Fair. UnderCurrents Presents Original Artists. Columbus,OH 5pm
Aug 30 Frostville Farmer’s Market. (MetroParks) North Olmsted,OH 11:30am

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