TPOM (unreleased)

The Psychology of Magnets is a concept album currently in production.

A two-sided yin/yang style musical exploration of magnetism, space, sound and thought. Using two genres of music for each side, the album intends to portray a sonic image of the timeless antithesis of language vs feeling: left vs right-brain; stardust vs dark matter.
The Psychology of Magnets as a concept is in direct reflection of the nature of magnetism in the universe – and as we have seen we are quite the same, are we all a little more magnetic than we ever acknowledge? ( in Russia it is common to discuss physiological reactions to magnetic/solar storms). It is not a part of American culture to acknowledge the metals in our bodies and how they play a role in psychology, motivation, attraction, physicality & wellness. The universe is magnetic, the earth is magnetic, we are …. and to each other sometimes we are more than that, we are as magical as the star dust that pulls towards its scattered self in nebulae form “magnetically,” to create a new sun.

We are part of The Psychology of Magnets. It is in our nature.

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