Mary Ann – Digital Release



Lakewood,OH native Meganne Stepka will release her newest EP, Inner Dialogue, on 11/11. The EP is an intimate introduction to this fierce muse of the night and a glance at her library of work. Stepka selected the name by reflecting her personal inner dialogue and hoping to inspire her audience to do the same. “Any chance you get to get someone else thinking or feeling more makes the world a better place, it just does; it’s simple physics,” says Stepka.
The EP features “Mary Ann,” an upbeat pop song inspired by her grandma. The single was recorded/produced by Matt Troja (Nashville/Cleveland/LA) and mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer Brad Blackwood. It is followed by “Harmony’s Conflict,” a stream of consciousness piece recorded to tape in whispers in the middle of the night. The other two tracks, “Blue Fairy Tale” and “Change What You Can,” lie somewhere in between, showcasing Stepka’s diversity. “Folk, pop, experimental, indie, rock, alternative or electronica…it just depends on the day, what instruments are used, it all depends on the song. I like structure sometimes, but I never think about genre when I create, I think about concepts and feeling, textures and moods, words that I am moved to say, sing and repeat. I think about the song existing in time and really, I don’t think about any of that. I just make art with vibrations.”
In addition to a variety of sounds and songs, Meganne also creates and produces alluring artistic videos, short films and has very recently had one of her experimental tracks featured in an award winning short film, produced in Cleveland. Stepka puts on a good live show solo or with a band, but isn’t playing out much until early 2016 with the release of her multimedia live project ALITD (see her website for this one). If you are in Cleveland, you can catch Meganne performing a few of her songs live Monday Nights at 9pm opening up the evening at her weekly open mic, where it seems, she is also facilitating a bit of a revived musical community in Lakewood,OH at Kelley’s Pub.
With all of her endeavors, it is her work at night that brings this woman back to what she feels is a musical mission alongside the universe: “to be herself” – creating, recording, philosophizing in lyric and sound, productions, and concept albums. Inner Dialogue is certainly a concept album and a good way to introduce yourself to the music and artworks of Meganne Stepka.

Mary Ann is also being released as a single and will be available to stream and download on spotify, soundcloud, Amazon, Apple-iTunes and more.

Stepka’s Full EP Inner Dialogue

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