Carbon Star

Silly Timeless Question Like Can You Hear Me
Are There Ears or Words in Energy Fields of, Fields of
Frequencies Can Shake the Earth , your voice, my cry
Might brush your hair aside and sing

No Worries No Worries and That’s Something
I Can Close my Eyes to, I Can Close my Eyes to,

You When You Reassure it was never about
Never About what could have been
Because this now oh oh You’ve Been
Shining A Long Time
But This is Now and that’s something

I Can Close My Eyes

Silly Timeless Question Leaving Simple Answers and Clocks behind
Spin us all around Spin us all around
Could this Universe be Love could it be us…
A Helium Flash at the Break of Your Dawn
You Start it Up, You Start it All Again
Now That’s Something

I Can Close My Eyes

A Universe of Love Could it be A Universe of Love

Because that’s something I can Close my Eyes to