Blue Fairy Tale

Streams Become.
Once upon a fairy tale I knew it was You
I wrote a song, I wrote a book
I went to school and thought I understood the way it had to be.

Once upon a fairy tale I looked into the sky
I dreamed about what life would be and I started to, well, cry
I knew, I knew there’d be sometimes blue
I knew, I knew sometimes I’d be blue
But I’d find You.
I knew I would be True someday.

Once upon a fairy tale I wrote a song for you
A dream inside a fantasy, inside my mind, inside of you
You cut through the noise
They’ve been screaming inside
I’ve been screaming through time
Again for someone who would find the time to stop and live with me.

Now we can whisper in the silence of each other’s minds
Knowing it’s true what they say
I don’t know what they say but we’ve seen it a million times
Everywhere everywhere, paintings of life
Everywhere every thing you’ve ever seen, alive.

Learning how to love, time.

Blue Fairy Tale
written by Meganne Stepka