Events – Bio

The Journey is Defined by these great Moments, these Experiences…the People and Places, the Frequencies shared. It was a pleasure to perform my music, here!

2014 30Aug Frostville Farmer’s Market. (MetroParks) North Olmsted,OH 11:30am

2014 2Aug Ohio State Fair presented by UnderCurrents (Columbus,OH)

2014 14June “P-ARTy in Gordon Square Arts District (CLE,OH)

2014 3June Beachland Ballroom & Tavern (CLE,OH)

2014 16Mar. “All you need is Love & Food” Fundraiser TLCO (CLE,OH)

2014 28Feb. The Battery -private show (San Francisco,CA)

2014 22Jan. Hotel Park City “Concerts at Sundance” (Park City, UT)

2014 18Jan. HWMSV @ Sundance – Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley (Park City, UT)

2013 21Sept. “Sparks” @ Negative Space Gallery (Cle, OH)

2013 17Aug. IRTF @Visible Voice Books & Wine (Tremont,CLE,OH)

2013 Summer. Creative Filming and contributor to Producer/Director for a documentary on Music-based Open Mic Nights (CLE,OH)

2013 18May. Farmer’s Market Concert at City Hall (Athens, GA)

2013 26Jan. “All You Need is Love & Food” (Fundraiser) Lakewood (CLE), OH

2013 12Jan. Cafe Mana Mana (Krakow, Poland)

2012 4Jan. Massolit Books (Krakow, Poland)

2012 30Oct. Cafe Szafe (Krakow, Poland)

2012 Oct. “Unsound Music Festival” Contributor to interviewing and documenting leading recognized innovators in the technology and boundary pushing of music arts and performance. (Krakow, Poland)

2012 22Apr “Earthfest @the Cleveland Metropark’s Zoo”
Earth Day with a theme of sustainabilty.

2012 March “SXSW” A series of performances at SXSW concert series “Veronica’s House Concerts”

2012-2010 Performance/Host of weekly Open Mic Night Downtown Cleveland at Becky’s !

2010-2009 Performance/Host of weekly Open Mic Night in Berea at Zach’s

20010-2008 Performance/Host of weekly Open Mic Night at the Lone Tree Tavern, OH

2008 “An Evening of the Senses” Performance & Art Gallery (CLE,OH)

2008 “Glokeysa glowing piano! Aurora, OH

Before 2008. 2 EPs recorded during this time with band-mate M.Roberts in Glass Audrey. Our first Self-Produced Musical Art is an Acoustic EP (2007), we recorded this on a 32GB computer Without an audio interface and with an Early Edition of Cakewalk’s mixing program: It is now an antique from the early days and ways of home-studio recording:) Following this experiment in recording, an EP titled after the band “Glass Audrey.” The songs on this EP were arranged with a fuller sound representative of our live performances with a band. The Glass Audrey EP (2008) includes the high-energy songs “Her Dream’s Mystery” and “Power Play” which are both timeless and reflective of that exciting time in self-production; embarking on a committed journey to learning to guide the music.

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