The Mission (of my Soul) Statement

At 5am on the night of the Solstice 2014 after years of struggling with how to say one simple statement, a realization. While crafting a list of things I want to do…I thought – but really what is it? the art, the music-The Intention…the mission statement?!?!   My Mission is to inspire people to feel a sustained connection to each other, all life, the earth and all time. To inspire you trust in your own music, your heartbeat, your voice. We are musical & 7 billion of us have the potential to do a lot of good. We need beautiful drastic improvements out there. We get motivated; then forget – People, all life, the earth, and all time is music. My intention is to inspire you to remember this magnificent motivating feeling: sustained.   #mission #music #connection #frequency #WeAreMadeOfStars #WeAreTheEarth #WeAreEachOther #BeTheChange #UpAllNight

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